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How Does Collaborative Divorce Work and Is It a Good Fit for You?

Of course, if you and your spouse are considering getting a divorce, it may be difficult for you to see eye to eye on certain issues. However, if you believe that you can set aside your personal differences for the sake of what’s most mutually beneficial, then collaborative divorce may be an option for you.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborating with your spouse may not be easy, but it may be worth it in the long run in order to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • You have more control over the process. The judge doesn’t make the decisions for you. With the help of your respective collaborative teams, you can work out arrangements that work well for everyone involved.
  • You won’t be as stressed. Collaborative divorce is much less stressful and anxiety-inducing than traditional approaches for everyone involved—including your children.
  • You’ll avoid scheduling conflicts related to court. The traditional divorce process can seriously disrupt your life, but collaborative divorce allows you to skip this headache altogether.
  • Your divorce is resolved privately. The collaborative divorce process is tactful.

Drawbacks of Collaborative Divorce

If you sincerely just can’t get along with your spouse, collaborative divorce may be difficult. Here are some drawbacks of the process:

  • You could pay twice. If the process isn’t effective and you cannot reach an agreement with your spouse, many contracts state that you must hire new attorneys for litigation.
  • You must be able to trust your spouse. Your spouse must be completely transparent about their assets and debts and you both must be able to communicate honestly about all issues related to your case.
  • You may not be able to completely avoid court. Either you or your spouse must attend a hearing and submit your settlement agreement to the divorce court. You must also receive the judge’s approval regarding the parenting decisions.

When you go through something as difficult as divorce, it can be easy to feel lost and overwhelmed by all of the steps. At Hance Law Group, we have one goal in mind: protect our clients’ priorities. Whether you require an uncontested divorce, mediation, litigation, or a collaborative divorce, our team will be there to advocate for your rights and ensure that you confidently navigate the divorce process.

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