Hance Law Group

Hance Law Group Is Preparing to Return to the Office

Our team has successfully transitioned to an efficient work-at-home routine, but we know we’ll be going back to the office at some point (we haven’t decided when that will be yet). So we’re planning for that return and have created some guidelines and procedures for when we do. Here they are, in case you’re interested in your own business, or to see what you can expect from Hance Law Group in the coming weeks and months. These procedures will appropriately follow local, state and federal laws, but most importantly, the best scientific recommendations–so they are subject to change.

Team Members Returning to the Office

  • Phase I (A two-week period-the beginning date is undecided at this point)
    • Team members will alternate working in the office and at home, so that there are no more than 4 team members in the office each day.
    • No team member is required to work in the office.
    • All team members will be working their normal work hours.
  • Phase II (Beginning at the end of Phase I, and until further notice)
    • All Team members will be allowed to work in the office.
    • No team member is required to work in the office.
  • Phase III (Beginning at the end of Phase II-length of Phase II is to be determined)
    • Team members expected to work in the office, unless a Work from Home request is made and agreed to, based on health or family needs/concerns.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures

  • Disinfectant wipes will be available near all high touch areas.  Each team member is expected to clean after any uncovered touch of a high touch area. “High touch areas” include front and back door handles (inside or outside), refrigerator door, microwave, drawer and cabinet door handles, water cooler, the keypad on the door to staff work area, kitchen faucet, countertops, tables, staples, copier, coffee maker, etc. (Phase I)
  • The door to the staff work area from the reception area will be propped open during Phase I, so that keypad is not used. (Phase I)
  • High touch areas must be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day (minimum 3 times per day). (Phase I and II)
  • A bottle of hand sanitizer will be available at the front desk, in the Oak and Willow conference rooms, and in the kitchen/breakroom area. (from now on)
  • Team members will maintain the cleanliness of their own office and equipment by wiping down telephone, keyboard, mouse, plastic shield (if available), and other high touch areas daily with disinfecting wipes. (Phase I)
  • A plastic shield has been ordered and will be placed at the front desk and must remain in place at all times until further notice. (at least Phase I and II)
  • Remote controls for TVs and screen sharing devices will be disinfected before and after each use.  Disinfecting wipes should be available in conference rooms for this purpose. (at least Phase I and II)

Visitor and Team Contact Policy

  • Team members do not enter other team members’ offices. (Phase I and II)
  • No visitors will be allowed in our suite. (Phase I).
  • After Phase I, we will evaluate the need for an in-person meetings and avoid when possible. We will offer a video/phone conference as an alternative. If an in-person meeting is essential, ensure you can maintain 6 ft social distancing at all times. Visitors and team members must wear masks. (Phase II)
  • Max persons allowed in the Oak conference room (our large room) is 4 and our smaller conference rooms, Willow and Birch, will be closed. (Phase I and II)
  • Office conferences between staff must be conducted where 6 feet of social distancing can be followed.
  • Instead of serving water, coffee and drinks, we will place our water bottle dispenser in the waiting area for self-serve water; provide a self-serve coffee maker; and disposable cups for water and coffee. No other beverages will be offered. (Phase I and II)
  • We will encourage payments to be made online to avoid contact, and discourage the use of cash and checks. We will forward a payment link, or refer to our website, to make a contactless payment. This will include wired, or other electronic payments from accounts, as well as credit card payments.
  • We will remove all community supplies from conference rooms (whiteboard markers, erasers) – Our receptionist is in charge of disbursing supplies to minimize contact.
  • We will remove extra chairs from conference rooms (allow 4 in Oak and 2 in Willow) and kitchen area (allow 2 barstools and 3 at the table).
  • We will remove 1 side chair from each office.
  • We will remove phones from conference rooms/ breakroom.
  • We will remove magazines and candy dish from common areas.
  • We will create 1-way traffic within the office for team members to maintain distancing – out the back door, in through the front door.
  • We will have reminder signs for team members to wash hands, maintain social distancing.

Our hope is that through these processes, we can return safely to our beautiful, functional offices which we miss so much! Our primary goal in all of this is to be able to perform our client work as efficiently and effectively as possible while protecting the health of our clients, our team, and the community.

Take care,

Larry Hance