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COVID-19 Response from Hance Law Group – Week 3

Here we are in Week 3 of the Dallas County shelter-at-home order. I’m sure many of you feel like it’s been 3 months—some may not believe we’re in our third week. Being out of our normal routines, it’s definitely hard to track time and even know what day it is at times. We don’t know yet, but it feels like we may be moving down the curve—hope so.

The team at Hance Law Group is working and the firm is fully operational.  We can complete 95% of our work under the current scenario, even though we’ve been working primarily from home since the order went into place. The transition was fairly easy as we’ve been paperless for a number of years, and we have online access to our office systems. This has allowed us to continue to provide robust representation to our clients and to minimize delay in their divorce or other family law matters. Although the shelter-in-place order has put many folks in a position to defer their plans regarding family law matters, we’ve also been able to accept the engagements of new clients and begin to move their matters toward their personal goals. While we’ve limited in-person meetings, we’re all available to communicate by video conference, or telephone, of course.

If you, your friends, or clients need any help in a family law matter—even just knowing which courts are open and available to do what—we’re happy to answer your (or their) questions.  We’re tracking that information carefully, and also have good relationships with the court coordinators to be able to confirm what has been published in a particular court.

We get a lot of questions about possession orders for children, and specifically about parents’ concerns about their children being exposed to COVID-19 while in the possession of the other parent. All of the local courts have issued specific orders to all parents with court-ordered possession to continue to follow the orders as written.  That said, there certainly could be situations where a parent is unreasonably exposing children to the virus.  We’re happy to talk with those folks, give them our best advice based on specific circumstances and court orders, and take legal action if needed.

We’re also aware that some of our clients, as well as folks who have decided to divorce but haven’t taken any action, are in a tough situation if they haven’t physically separated and are stuck at home together.  This can create a lot of stress, and it can be difficult to move their legal matters forward with privacy and good communication with their lawyer. We’re happy to talk with these folks and can be flexible to help them with these communications with us, or to coach them on the best strategies at home in this situation.

We’re also happy to help with non-family law, and non-law, resources for anyone in the community in need (including tips on working from home).  If we don’t know the answer or the resource, we’ll track it down for you.  Let us know.

We can be reached the same as always: 469-378-5467
 or email any team member at the email addresses below:

Robyn Kelley (for her pending clients or prospective clients) rkelley@hancelaw.com

Sharon Bradford sbradford@hancelaw.com

Jonathan James  jjames@hancelaw.com

Bryce Hopson bhopson@hancelaw.com

Suzanne Hajdu (for administrative, billing, etc.)  shajdu@hancelaw.com

Ronda Robinson (for special projects and business development)  rrobinson@hancelaw.com

Kelly Bailey – (for general information about the firm or to reach someone else in the firm)  kbailey@hancelaw.com