Sharon Bradford

Staff Profile: Sharon Bradford

Last month, Hance Law initiated a new tradition. We included an interview with a staff member in our newsletter, which will continue each month until everyone has been featured! No one shall remain anonymous! We are proud to celebrate each team member, carefully selected over many years, without whom we could not fulfill our promise: to empower clients through meaningful effort and supportive interaction to a better new beginning.

For September, we present Sharon Bradford, Hance Law certified paralegal, who recognized Larry long before she worked for him. “I have known Larry and had cases against him since around 1991,” Sharon notes. Fortunately, Larry must have presented a compelling case, as Sharon decided to join Hance Law in September of 2012!

The significance of family has always been central for Sharon: adopted at just 3 weeks of age, her only brother was adopted 9 and a half years later.  “I asked for a brother for my 9th birthday!” she says.  Sharon’s admiration for both of her parents remains immense; the impact they had upon who she would become immeasurable. Both born during the Depression, her mom was 17 and her dad 21 when they married.  When Sharon’s dad passed away a few years back, they had been married for 68 years. “They had 3 foster children before they adopted me and my brother,” Sharon says. “When there was no work in Pennsylvania, they moved to Texas with what they could carry in their car. After working for glass companies, my dad started two that he owned for over 45 years.” Her parent’s heart for family and work ethic appears to have been contagious.

Sharon and Tim, her husband of 38 years, are parents to 4 adult children and grandparents to 8 —5 granddaughters and 3 grandsons. This sizable family provides the roots and foundation upon which everything they care for grows. With their youngest daughter and youngest son both in Plano, 5 grandchildren live nearby; get-togethers, meals, and activities are mainstays. Fortunately, the other three grandchildren also live in Texas, so Sharon and Tim are involved with all the grandkids.

For Sharon, working in family law makes perfect sense. It is an extension of her commitment to and belief in the importance of family. Up at 5:15 each morning, Sharon is at the office by 8:00, working through emails to address anything new or pressing that may have come up from the day before. When asked what might surprise clients, she says, “How many hours we all spend really trying to get the best result, how much time I spend on the computer, and how many emails come in every day!”

The personal aspect of family law moves Sharon to service by providing purpose connected to what has been most pivotal in her own life.  “We are afforded the opportunity to help individuals during some of the most stressful times they will ever know. I like being part of the team helping solve problems – fitting together pieces of a puzzle.”  More than anything, not surprisingly—adoption cases are her favorite. “I just love helping to cement the family together.”

Sharon describes Hance Law with the following 3 adjectives: caring, friendly, ethical. While she laments that Family Courts are not equipped to spend sufficient time on each case, she also believes the high standard of work and care Hance Law affords can often create a context that leads to better consequences and outcomes for families.

Finally, when asked if a movie of her life were made, what genre the movie would be, and who would play her, Sharon says, “Probably a family movie. I don’t know who would play me, but some of our friends and my kids’ friends in the past have said I’m like Barbara Billingsley.” Aka June Cleaver in “Leave it to Beaver”! They may just be on to something. Thank you, Sharon, for being an integral part of Hance Law.