Kelly Bailey

Staff Profile: Kelly Bailey

At Hance Law Group, part of our mission in helping clients reclaim their lives during divorce comes from our awareness that in order to make a positive impact we need to prioritize genuine connection. From the minute you walk through the doors of our office we endeavor to become a bright spot in what will obviously be a challenging time.

We hire folks to join our team based on the appropriate skillset, of course-be that of an attorney or support staff-but just as vital is an ability and willingness to serve with integrity and to empower through meaningful interaction as part of a team that successfully leads clients through the divorce process to a favorable new beginning.

With that in mind, on a monthly basis, Hance Law will feature each member of our staff in order for our clients to meet the team before they arrive.

First up, we have Kelly Eric Bailey Sr, which makes perfect sense, as Kelly is the first face you’ll see when you enter our office at reception. “I like to say a few words right off, welcome them, help them relax and feel at home,” Kelly says. “Sometimes people are nervous. I let them know that they’re in the right place.”

Kelly is a self-described preacher’s kid from Chicago who met his wife Annette 25 years ago while visiting his brother and eventually moved to Texas. Kelly has a grown son “Kelly Jr and a daughter “Kelly Erica” who begins her freshman year at Texas Women’s University this fall, 2019.

He and his wife will be official “empty nesters,” and that life at home without the kids around will be a definite adjustment. Part of a close-knit family, Kelly understands viscerally the importance of married life and makes it his goal to be a positive first point of contact for our clients.

As clients come and go, Kelly likes to ensure they leave feeling better than when they came in. “I ask them how everything went, remind them we care,” Kelly says. At times, people arrive very nervous, and Kelly gets them right to a paralegal to ease their mind. He notes the whole team at Hance Law is close, and often spend time together at lunch or in the break room.

Kelly ends up knowing who clients are and a bit of what they are going through. He sympathizes with their journey. He finds that as the process moves forward, clients open up, and as he’s the last person they see as they head back into the world, they often communicate that they feel better, that they appreciate the attorneys, and recognize they are making forward motion. Kelly finds this part of his job in particular incredibly fulfilling.

When asked to describe Hance Law in three words, Kelly’s answer is almost immediate: family-oriented, compassionate, and devoted. Kelly laughs relaying a funny story regarding Mr. Hance. “When a friend of Larry’s came in our office and later asked Larry who the new attorney was, Larry said, “Who Kelly, he’s our new receptionist”. His friend told him “He dressed sharper than you”.

Mr. Hance called me in his office that same day “I was thinking uh-oh, what did I do?!” Mr. Hance was his usual friendly self while enlightening me that a tie was not a daily necessity. “This is a casual place”. I took it as a compliment coming from a well-dressed Managing Partner and made a note to self “Never out dress the BOSS”. As for Kelly, the team at Hance Law feels lucky to have him. A point of compassion from the get-go, Kelly asserts the Hance Law mission from the beginning.