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Hance Law Group Newsletter – May 2018

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A Note from Larry Hance

Spring has finally sprung! The much-needed warmer weather has invigorated our office, which has been buzzing with activity lately.

Jonathan and Bryce both penned very informative articles about the aftermath of divorce. Jonathan addressed a very common concern clients voice when we first meet with them – who will get the house? And in his article, Bryce breaks down the basics of child custody in Texas.

In March, I attended the 11th Annual Collaborative Law course in Austin, TX, where I was honored to be named a Credentialed Collaborative Professional.

And lastly, we attended the second luncheon of Genesis Women’s Shelter’s 11th Annual Lecture Series.

Larry Hance Named to D Magazine’s List of Best Lawyers in Dallas

Congratulations to Larry Hance, who has been selected for inclusion on D Magazine’s list of “Best Lawyers in Dallas” for 2018! This is the fourth year that Larry has been included on the publication’s prestigious annual list of respected local attorneys.

Read more about this impressive honor here.

Who Gets the House in Divorce?

by Jonathan James

As a divorce attorney, this is a question I get hit with regularly. Lots of concerned voices. Actually–while the divorce is anything but simple–the house and requisite who/what/when/where does not have to be complicated. That said, pitfalls do exist when divvying up the domicile.

Generally speaking, outside of a 401K, a couple’s home is their largest asset. Therefore, care must be taken with what might feel in the moment like minutiae. Put another way, it is absolutely okay—preferable even—if your divorce attorney is a bit nitpicky or skeptical. That’s what you are paying for, and it could save you enormously.

So, someone has filed and divorce is underway. What, regarding the living arrangements and allocation of the family home, should take place? What are the choices?

Read the full article.

How Child Custody and Standard Possession Work in Texas Divorce

by Bryce Hopson

One of the most vital (and potentially contentious) aspects of a divorce settlement concerns “parenting time.” Everyone has heard “primary parent,” “joint custody,” or even “weekend dad” tossed around, but how much truth—or misinformation—underlies these phrases?

The Texas courts (and legislature) have established basic public policy regarding suitable time children should spend, after a divorce, with parents. The overarching concept is simple. For parents able to act in the best interest of their child (or children) and to provide a safe environment, children should have “frequent and continuing” contact with each parent.

Read the full article.

Larry Hance Recognized as Credentialed Collaborative Professional

Collaborative Divorce Texas has named Larry Hance the latest Credentialed Collaborative Professional at the 11th Annual Collaborative Law course in Austin, TX. The Credential distinction is awarded when a collaborative professional has completed a rigorous credentialing process, including the fulfillment of specific standards for education, training, case experience, service and leadership in the profession. Congratulations, Larry!

Hance Law Group Attends Second Lecture from Genesis Women’s Shelter Lecture Series

On April 11th, the Hance Law Group team attended Genesis Women Shelter’s lunch lecture to learn about “Sexual Violence: Power, Control and the #MeToo Movement” from Monica L. Urbaniak of Urbaniak Wellness. The presentation was the second in the organization’s 2018 Lecture Series, which the firm sponsors.
Learn some eye-opening facts about domestic abuse and the important work Genesis Women’s Shelter is doing in our community here.

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