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Bringing in Bryce

We are proud to welcome Bryce Hopson as an associate attorney to Hance Law Group. To get a feel for our newest team member, we went directly to the source for some Q & A, which Bryce humored. We love him already!

Bryce, you worked previously in family law. What drew you to the Hance Law Group specifically?

When your practice is 100% devoted to family law (divorce, custody, premarital agreements, etc.), you get to know counterparts in the community of D/FW family lawyers. Having worked in this area for a number of years, I would hear others we work with on a daily basis—family law attorneys, mediators, counselors, financial professionals, and other professionals—speak highly of Larry and his firm as one of the brightest and most competent in the business. When an opportunity presented itself for me to join Larry and his team, I jumped. It probably also helped that a good friend of mine for the last twenty-five years had joined Larry as an associate attorney eighteen months ago.

Give us a day in the life of Bryce at Hance Law? What is the company environment/culture like?

The culture at Hance Law is one that promotes open communication between staff and challenges all of us to excel every day, no matter how important or menial the task. We have a team approach in handling our cases that allows for input on each case, not just from the attorney managing the case, but also from the other attorneys and staff. Larry goes out of his way to make himself available, which is an invaluable resource as it allows associates to benefit from his decades of experience.

What is your favorite kind of case to work on, or what part of the process do you feel you best excel in with family law?

Whether it is a divorce without kids, or a modification of a prior custody order, or drafting a premarital agreement to protect and delineate property and finances before marriage, I enjoy the unique challenges that each type of case brings. If I had to narrow it down, I would say that one of the most enjoyable parts of my job—and one that I feel my personality and ability is especially suited for—is helping parties identify what goals they share with the other party and then using that common ground to help navigate towards a resolution on issues that are still disputed or in conflict.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about divorce and family law or divorce and family law attorneys?

I would say that most people view divorce as a vehicle through which a wake of destruction is left and that family law attorneys are the captains that press the pedal of these destructive vehicles without any regard for the negative impact that is left behind. In reality, most family lawyers will tell you that their job is to protect and promote their client’s best interest, and the best family lawyers recognize that this means advising our clients of both the short and long term effects of the decisions made during the divorce process.

What would you tell a first year law student interested in family law? Any classes to wake up for and listen closely to in particular?

Family law is heavily tested on the bar exam, so take advantage of the classes your law school offers that address family law issues. The Texas Family Code is one of the longest statutory codes out there (and it seems to grow exponentially every year), so if you intend to practice family law, get to know the Family Code sooner rather than later.

If I came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us to eat?

Sushi appetizer. Steak main course. And pizza for dessert.

Who is your hero?

My wife. Not sure how she puts up with me, but by the grace of God she has so far.

What famous person do people tell you that you look like? Do you agree?

I’ve heard a few people say Tony Romo. If I wear a Cowboys hat backward and someone were to look at me squinting with the sun in their eyes, then maybe I could agree.

What is the last vacation you were on?

I took a trip to the beach with my wife, kids, and my wife’s family.

Do you have a favorite season? Why?

Fall. Cool temperature. Changing tree colors. It’s the best week of the year in Texas.

If you were trapped in a TV show for a week, which show would it be? Why?

Bachelor – but as one of the crew, not as a contestant. The exotic trips and luxury accommodations.

Bryce is fitting in quite nicely already!