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Why Aren’t Those Lawyers Going to Court?

A number of lawyers across the United States have begun handling divorces through a process called Collaborative Law.

In Collaborative Law, both clients retain separate lawyers whose only job is to help the clients settle their disputes. The parties are normally assisted by a neutral mental health professional and financial professional, who help facilitate the resolution of child and financial issues with their specific expertise. The lawyer assists his/her client in determining the information the client needs to reach a settlement. Each client’s goals, needs, and desires are addressed in a reasonable and dignified atmosphere. Although the lawyer still advocates for the client, there is no posturing, threatening, or deception utilized to reach a satisfactory conclusion for the client. In the privacy of the offices of the lawyers, the clients can discuss sensitive issues they might prefer not to air in the public arena of the courtroom.

Anyone who is in need of a family lawyer should ask about the Collaborative process as an option for them. Divorcing clients that the lawyer they are considering hiring is someone who is trained in this process and is committed to helping their clients obtain their best possible outcome, without the damage litigation can do to the client and his or her family.